Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Treasures of 2008

A few things occured in 2008 that I would like to reflect on...

Tragically, my beloved frog Beans died after 2 long years of a beautiful friendship/petship?

I traveled to Ukraine TWICE, and hung out with awesome street kids and citizens of Mariupol.

I saw High School Musical 3...5 times.

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) offered me his coat and I refused. I beat myself up about it every second of everyday wondering what would have happened if I took the friggin coat!

I survived a lightening storm inside a 2 person tent, with 3 other people in it.

I hit pastor Steve Rutenbar in the face with a jellyfish.

I slept outside Disneyland for 12 hours to meet the Jonas Brothers.

I went to the beach in Chicago.

JJ Abrams managed to produce another season of LOST, in which no questions were answered, once again.

David Hughes won the title of my favourite new friend of 2008.

I got skin cancer on my right cheek..wooooo hoo!

Bought a trampoline off Craigslist for 50 bucks.

Became a high school small group leader and loved it.

Was turned down by a potential employer because of my Harry Potter tattoo.

Dropped out of college to be a missionary in Ukraine (still waiting to see how this will turn out).

Got into a minor car accident in Holy Jim's canyon and survived...cough cough Luke St. Hilare cough cough.

Learned how to say "suck it" in Russian.


I watched the New Year's countdown this year and vividly remembered 2000, when I cried hsyterically and clutched my parents thinking Y2K would end the world.

See ya 2008. You were great.
No Regrets BOOYAH

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wizardly Fodder

I am a veritable weapon of the gods when it comes to Harry Potter trivia.

5 wins in a row later, I'm starting to realize the insanity and dedication of being a TRUE Harry Potter fan. "Harry Potter Scene It (DELUXE EDITION)" has become mere child's play, when it comes to the amount of useless Harry Potter information my brain contains. After 5 games, and being made fun of for my nerdom for about 3 hours by my entire family, I have concluded that I must find a way to make profit from my talent. How can I find a way to make money off this? Youtube perhaps? No, too vast. Create a game show in which I win everytime?! Perfect!

Forgive this useless and ridiculous post. Ive had far too much Christmas candy and I'm hyper like a hippogriff on his birthday. Ill shut up now. But seriously, who wants to play me?

Shout out to my fellow HP nerd Josh Treece. Holllllaaa

Keep rocking and Rowling.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey overdose

Let it be known that I haven't eaten in a day, due to the fact that I am STILL full from Thanksgiving. I feel fat, but more in a PHAT kinda way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's the best way to start off your new blog? With celebrities of course!

The things we do for the famous these days.

I type this entry through exhausted eyes, my fingers aimlessly searching for the backspace key, correcting mistakes as they blur into one sleepy confusion of letters. My body aches and my muscles tense at every turn, a reminder of the concrete mattress where I lay my being to rest last night. I haven't slept more than an hour in at last 24 hours, and boy was it worth it. All I am running on is pure adrenaline at this point, due to 3 little brunette wonders I finally faced today. The Jonas Brothers. Yeah yeah laugh all ya want, but let me have my moment of immaturity, and shine in it as long as possible. I shall explain...Disneyland hosted a book signing for the Jonas Brother's self-written biography earlier this afternoon. Like any die-hard fan, I camped out with 7 other friends outside the gates of California Adventure last night, alongside thousands of other hopefuls. I've never seen so many insane, selfish, pushy, obnoxious, people in my life, the majority being mom's, in tow with 3 minivan loads of children. The night was frigid cold, but a beautiful sunrise peeked over the park's gates, greeting us with a new day full of surprises. Once inside the park with our Jonas books in hand at 10 am, the 8 of us anxiously waited in a line leading into a small door surrounded by security and Disney staff. My heart still races now 2 hours after the event of standing face to face with the starlets, I can't even describe the mixture of nervousness and excitement I felt. It finally came my time to walk up to the table where they were signing, and I was on cloud nine. Kevin (age 21), was the first to greet me, giving me a hug and kindly asking how I was doing. I mustered out a nervous, "Great, just great. How are you?" He signed my book and replied with an "Awesome, thanks for coming to hang out with us!" And BAM. Next. Nick Jonas (age 16, my favorite of the brothers, and mastermind behind the creation of the band Jonas Bro's phenomenon itself..Illegal, maybe creepy, I know, but come on...we all know he's the most adorable.), gave me a tight little hug and smiled brightly. I handed him a photo from Halloween of myself, Ashley Silver, and Johnny Montgomery dressed as the Jonas Brothers. He laughed and said "This is really awesome, you guys look just like us" and showed his brothers, causing them to pause and chuckle as their pens grazed surrounding books. He passed me along with a "Thanks for coming," and it was on to the last brother, Joe Jonas. Joe was really kind, and greeted me with a hug and high five, signing my book as I moved along the table. It was really hard not to just stare at him. He is terribly good looking, with an air of confidence and strength about him. He asked me what my favorite part of the book was, and I nervously muttered something which I have no recollection of. And that was it. The brothers sent us off with a "God bless you," and we were out the door. The 8 of us stepped out into reality once we exited the building, and some childish screams, may or may not have occured..I'll let your imagination illustrate how you would invision 8 girl's reactions to meeting the 3 boys of their unobtainable dreams.

Despite the fact that they will not remember our faces, names, nor what it took for us to stand before them today, it was worth that 2 minutes with them. I feel like a kid again, and I am truly thankful to have gotten to meet one of my favorite artists. You may still be laughing, or poking fun at me...but in all seriousness, check out their album and then we'll see who's laughing when you find yourself at the next Jonas Brothers concert with me.